The small tribe

Warren Ellis, que acompanho desde o final dos anos 90 e tem escrito cada vez melhor, compartilha ótimos insights sobre os rumos sociais que a Internet tomou e seu respectivo – e necessário – backlash. Também tenho adorado newsletters:

“I personally wish I could start nominating or commanding people to start newsletters. This is the part of internet2015 I have really enjoyed: people writing open letters. Newsletters are on their way to being professionalised the way blogs were, as I think I’ve said, and, who knows, maybe 2016 will be significantly less fun in the newsletter space.  But there are lots of little bits of joy out there right now.

I don’t get much email. I like newsletters.”

E esta parte que adoro:

“in a more fractionated and less operable digital-social world, maybe newslettering is the fallback into a functional tribal living. People used to complain about “walled garden” technologies that weren’t on the open web, but, ultimately, people like walled gardens. Choosing to tend a small communal garden is preferable to being pissed on for daring to walk outside, or letting just anybody in and dealing with them pouring flat lager on your bushes and shitting in the cabbages.”

Extraído da genial newsletter de Ellis, Orbital Operations.

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Alex Mandarino

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