Hyperpulp 2


The second issue of Hyperpulp is online and can be downloaded here.

iPad and Kindle versions of the first two editions will be added soon.


In this issue:


A Sad Affair in Verbatim City  –  Liam Sharp    
Um Triste Caso em Verbatim City  –  Liam Sharp 
Pervert  –  C. C. Finlay
Pervertido  –  C. C. Finlay
The Heart of the Overchild  –  Daniel Pearlman
O Coração da Supracriança  –  Daniel Pearlman
Interview  – Gallery /
Entrevista – Galeria –  Paul Madonna
Tenth Orbit  –  Gustavo Bondoni
Décima Órbita  –  Gustavo Bondoni
The Really Dangerous Game  –  Carlos Orsi
O Jogo Realmente Perigoso  –  Carlos Orsi
Butterfly Skin  –  Berit Ellingsen
Pele de Borboleta  –  Berit Ellingsen


From this number two, Hyperpulp is no longer quarterly and will go out three times a year, in January, May and September. This is happenning for two reasons: we were optimistic about our time to read, select, translate and edit your stories, and create the magazine’s layout, post about it on the web et al. We are a very small staff and we all have day jobs. Hyperpulp was created out of deep love for literature and art in general. We’d love to be a monthly magazine, but in order to keep the level of quality we want for it  we decided to make it quadrimonthly (and, also, this is a lovely word). So, Hyperpulp grew : this edition has more stories and translations and the next will be bigger.

The second reason is that we underestimated the volume of short stories submitted. We have received an astounding amount of material from various parts of the world. It is a pleasure to read the stories we select and translate them into Portuguese. We ask for your help to spread the word about Hyperpulp. Please, talk about the magazine to your friends and to the writers, artists and readers you know. And of course, send your material. We want to make that bridge between English and Portuguese speaking authors and readers.

From the third edition, we’ll also accept non-fiction contributions. Articles and reviews focused on speculative literature and alternative art – and their many satellite issues. Send your texts.

We hope you enjoy the second edition. Good reading and good 2012!


Alexandre Mandarino


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Alex Mandarino


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