The Circle of Bones

The Circle of Bones, a short story that can be read at Hyperfan, is an old project that took its time for several reasons. Originally it should have been a serialized tale, motivated by the positive reception to another series, the crime-oriented 145 Gramas. With the intent of creating something in chapters, I imagined the various aspects of a fantastic fictional universe, which simultaneously embraces the familiarity of a Tolkien scenario but also the most unusual or, in the absence of a better word, weird elements.

The idea is to make The Circle of Bones just the first story to use this fantastic universe. I have some plans for this reality full of wonders and strange things and I intend to write more short stories or novels with this background. In this inaugural tale, I present only some of the various aspects of this reality (and not all of them are related to high fantasy, for instance). If you like fantasy names like Lord Dunsany and Tolkien, but with experimental touches, you might be interested in giving it a read.

Keeping the bilingual aspect that I am implementing in Hypervoid, The Circle of Bones was published by Hyperfan in Portuguese and an English version translated by me. Come on, not everything can be said in 140 characters. It is impossible to make an imaginary map without breaking some bones.

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