The passage of time in fiction tales is something that have always fascinated me. I love to watch the chronological fictional filigrees, as long as they offer some evidence of change regarding time or the character’s personalities. Hence my interest in models of fictional narrative where time, with all its saturnine similitude, offers changes in the world or in its inhabitants, as in the Marvel universe, Middle Earth, good adventure games and crime novels. 

Immortality may be one of the obvious tricks to explore the passage of time from a fictional point of view – and thanks to this very obviousness it lends itself to excellent results. The intent to explore personality changes in the protagonist and also social, aesthetic and historic metamorphoses in the world around him is what drove me to create the series Wyrd, in Hyperfan. The main story follows the trajectory of Owain Wyrd, a peasant from (mythical?) citadel of Camelot, whom after the last attack of Morgana Le Fay finds himself tormented by what seems to be immortality – or not. 

Even if you abhor the myths of Camelot (I understand, really), go and give it a readThe Arthurian cycle only serves as a background to the first story and in the chapters that follow, Wyrd will meet figures like Solomon Kane, Kurt Vonnegut, Saladin, Hercule Poirot, Oscar Wilde, Jesse James and the Dadaists. The series will be out bimonthly and each chapter will take place sometime between the 6th century AD and the near future in a quilt of non-chronological cut-ups where each piece will refer to a distinct literary genre. Thus, the series embraces fantasy, SF, war, western, horror, mystery, magical realism, and if I may, “literature.” Following the current trend here in Hypervoid and in my recent stories (like The Circle of Bones), Wyrd will be published in a bilingual version, in Portuguese and EnglishI’ll appreciate any feedback or comments – and a big thanks to Hyperfan by editing the series.


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Alex Mandarino

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