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Older readers of this blog – you still out there? Anônimo Veneziano, where art thou? – must remember that the period of increased activity around here happened during the chrono shores of 2003, 2004 and 2005. The blog as a tool was still a novelty and hadn’t lost space to social networks and microblogs. And I was, well, unemployed, what allowed me the huge paradox of having more time, less will, more patience, less disposition and other strange dichotomies relating to posting stuff in a weblog.

Well, I decided to come back to post regularly, a decision I’ve made several months ago and which had so far showed itself only in the site structure and the new look – except for one or another erratic post. To shorten this story, suffice to say that the posts will go back in a regular manner. Anyone who still uses RSS feeds and bookmarks – tools I love: update your links and newsreaders.

What happened between 2005 and 2007? Well, the blog hasn’t stood still for nothing. I changed my profession, finally leaving journalism behind. I turned a civil servant, went to live in another house, lost some loved ones and had to adapt myself to a new rhythm of work (regarding the day job). To top it off, I went through the displeasure of having to deal with relationships that… well, “complicated” is an understatement. Risking myself to confess private things in this mezzo public vehicle, it’s suffice to say some traumas reared its ugly head.

Fortunately everything has changed. Day job, relationship, my relation with time and with people, disposition; everything seems to have fitted. But, well, what matters is that since 2008 I have been venturing for new things, such as works of sound art, my novel in progress, new stuff in electronic music. And I’ll finally begin to translate things in fiction – and prose; that is, books. Until now, I have translated newspaper articles and comics like The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison, but I’m beginning to debut in the translation of literary fiction. What and how is still a secret, since nothing was revealed by them yet, but soon I’ll certainly mention here what it is.

For anyone following this blog and my online and offline projects, whether in literature, translation, music or journalism, I thank you for your attention. For those who supported me with suggestions, criticisms and recommendations, I thank you even more. Continue here cos’ Hypervoid is not going anywhere.


This site – and the blog in particular – aren’t capable to compete with the speed and ubiquity of things like Twitter and Facebook in terms of news coverage. Even those who are not adept at social networking or microblogging probably get their news via feeds from sites like Gizmodo, Joystiq, Slashdot, bOING bOING or YouTube videos. Hypervoid is a site / blog maintained by one person, unable to compete in terms of speed, range, or dedication. So news will appear here yet, but when coupled with my essays and reviews, namely: the posts will become more personalized. As this one.

Anyone can get your daily dose of news about games, comics, art and traditional hypervoidic things subscribing or visiting my page of Google Reader Shared Items, where I try to make brief comments on some things that always interested me. The few who use Google Buzz can also monitor there. I’m trying to find a good way to embed Shared Items at some place in this site, perhaps as a separate page or an internal blog.


Nice thread about game screenshots, from an aesthetic / artistic point of view. Few users were able to actually “get” the thread’s initial idea, but it’s worth a visit to see the concentrated amount of epic and fantastic scenes from various games. In addition to several links to amazing Flickr galleries.


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