“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: comics writers like Ellis, and Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore, are really thinking about our culture, and our future, in ways that mainstream novelists and academics and critics cannot match. I get far more from them than I do from ‘serious’ writers like Martin Amis and Richard Powers and Don DeLillo, good as the latter sometimes are. Comics are an oddly marginalized form, even in ‘popular’ or ‘low’ culture (think about how few people actually buy and read Spiderman comics, compared to how many go too see the movie version). But comics, with their low budgets, their innovative mixtures of text and vision, and their unabashed genre thrills and chills, are thrashing out the metaphysics of the twenty-first century.”

As belas palavras do acadêmico Steven Shaviro, que estuda as diversas facetas da cultura pop, em seu blog The Pinocchio Theory.

Cujo nome, aliás, vem de outras belas palavras, as de Bootsy Collins: “If you fake the funk, your nose’ll grow.”

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Alex Mandarino

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